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Strabismus, or crossed eyes, is a condition that usually affects children, causing them vision problems and making it hard for them to flourish at school. ReVision Optix in Simpsonville and Greenville, South Carolina, is a leading developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy practice whose team of specialists, Sean M. Stevens, OD, and Tiffany Brawner, OD, have exceptional abilities and provides a highly effective therapy program for children with strabismus. Call the clinic today to schedule an appointment, or book using the online tool.

Strabismus Q & A

What is strabismus?

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes don’t line up symmetrically, which is why it’s also known as crossed eyes. Because of the lack of symmetry, the eyes don’t work together to look at objects; rather one eye looks out while the other looks in, or one eye turns up as the other turns down. Some people have this problem all the time; others only experience it when they’re sick or under a lot of pressure.

What causes strabismus?

Children can be born with congenital strabismus, which often doesn’t have a clear cause. It’s possible a baby with strabismus has a nervous system disorder or malfunction, so the muscles that control the eyes don’t work as they should.

When they’re young, children with strabismus learn to suppress the vision in the more severely affected eye, so that they don’t get double vision. The act of suppressing vision in one eye can lead to another condition called amblyopia, or lazy eye, which affects the child’s peripheral vision and their depth perception.

Strabismus and amblyopia can cause headaches and eyestrain, and if they develop in later life can cause double vision. Double vision can make you turn and hold your head in odd positions to enable you to see more clearly, causing neck strain and muscular fatigue.

How soon should a child with strabismus receive treatment?

It’s vital to take your child to an optometrist as soon as possible if you see any problem with their eyes. The optometrists at ReVision Optix have extensive experience in helping children with strabismus, but treatment needs to start at a young age for optimal results.

Treatment aims to get your child’s eyes working as they should before they reach 8 years old. After this age, there’s a risk of permanent loss of vision in an eye affected by strabismus.

What treatments are available for strabismus?

Your optometrist offers a variety of treatments that can help children with strabismus learn to use their affected eye properly. In some cases, glasses with corrective lenses can help. The use of an eyepatch over the stronger eye can help strengthen the weaker eye.

ReVision is a leading developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy practice, and as well as highly skilled and experienced optometrists, ReVision has a vision therapist on staff. The team achieves outstanding results with its vision therapy program, taking a personalized approach to helping children with visual dysfunctions.

Children with strabismus and a range of other visual problems are seen one-to-one by the vision therapist under a doctor’s supervision, and the team members use state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to improve eye function. They make the sessions enjoyable for the children and have a sincere wish to see their young patients overcome the challenge of strabismus.

Find out more about how ReVision Optix can help cure your child’s strabismus by calling the clinic today, or book an appointment for your child online.