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Your child’s vision and the health of their eyes are vital to their well-being and development, and sight problems can delay their progress at school. At ReVision Optix in Simpsonville and Greenville, South Carolina, Sean M. Stevens, OD, and Tiffany Brawner, OD, welcome children of all ages and can carry out tests specifically designed to check your child’s eyes and sight from infancy right through school. To make an appointment for your child’s eye exam, call ReVision Optix today, or use the online booking tool.

Children's Eye Care Q & A

Why do children need eye care?

People of all ages need regular eye exams to make sure their eyes are healthy and to pick up any distortion in their vision. Many eye conditions are easier to treat and have better outcomes with an early diagnosis, and sight problems can have a serious effect on a child’s development if they’re left untreated.

A child might have difficulties seeing clearly but be unaware they have a problem because the world has always looked like this to them. That’s why scheduling regular eye exams for your child at ReVision Optix is so important.

How are children’s eyes tested?

Even at a very young age, the optometrists at ReVision Optix can use specialized methods to test your child’s eyesight. This means you can start taking your child to see the optometrist from infancy.

Your child’s eye exam consists of much the same kind of testing as an adult’s eye exam, but the procedure is adapted to make it appropriate for the age of the child. Your child’s optometrist tests for:

  • Visual acuity (clarity of vision)
  • Refractive status (near- or farsightedness and astigmatism)
  • Ocular health (diseases or congenital abnormalities of the eye)
  • Eye tracking (how well the eyes focus and follow movement)
  • Eye focusing (ability to change and sustain focus when reading)
  • Eye teaming (coordination and depth perception)
  • Hand-eye coordination

Any problems with the functioning of the eye or poor vision can seriously affect how well your child progresses at school, so regular checkups enable your optometrist to identify any issues and treat them before they have any adverse effects.

Most U.S. states have legislation in place that compels parents to take their child for an eye exam before they start public school. Even if your state doesn’t require you to take your child to the optometrist, it’s still a good idea to have their eyesight checked.

Impaired vision can cause problems such as:

  • Performing below expectations at school
  • Reluctance to go to school
  • Problems paying attention
  • Difficulties progressing in literacy skills
  • Inability to make out all the information on whiteboards
  • Headaches or eye pain
  • Reluctance to complete homework
  • Taking a long time to complete a piece of work

Regular eye exams can help prevent these problems from arising, and ensure your child stays happy and does well during these vital early years. At ReVision Optix, children are valued and welcomed, and in addition to the team’s expertise in the field of eye care, Dr. Brawner also specializes in children’s eyesight.

To get your children off to their best start, take them for regular eye exams at ReVision Optix. Call today to schedule an appointment, or use the online booking tool.